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Swipe-n-Like ® 2020 is a subsidiary of Random Press.

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"Swipe n Like" is a new cutting-edge smart tag that makes it fast and easy for your customers to view and like your Facebook page before they even leave your store with a simple swipe of their phone.


Swipe n Like social media tags are made of hard-wearing epoxy resin that is durable and long lasting with virtually unlimited swipes. They’re waterproof, shockproof and dust-proof and their smooth surface makes them easy to keep clean. Swipe n Like tags require no batteries and have no moving parts, which means they will last for years. They are completely portable so you can take them on the road to markets and trade shows.  You get all this for the one-off purchase price with no ongoing or additional costs.



Swipe n Like is an innovative new way to get your customers to view and like your Facebook page while they’re still in your store! This simple device allows people to swipe their phone and immediately connect to your Facebook page where they can like it right there and then. Incorporating the latest NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, much like payWave, this simple social media smart tag can be placed directly on your counter and accessed by any NFC-compatible smart phone. And because Swipe n Like tags come to you preprogrammed with your Facebook link, it takes your customers directly to your Facebook page in one easy step. There is nothing more to do - just remove from packaging, and it’s ready to go.



Facebook likes are a powerful tool for showcasing your products and promoting your business to a wider audience. The secret is getting the right customers for your business. Swipe n Like gives you the advantage of getting your in-store customers to immediately engage with you online. These are the people who have experienced your products and services first hand, which means they are the most likely to take advantage of your online promotions and visit your business again. Their positive posts will also be seen by all their friends and family, which dramatically increases your Facebook reach to include potential new customers.


NFC (Near Field Communication) is the latest in wireless technologies that enable your phone or wearable to digitally engage with the physical world. Like Bluetooth and RFID, NFC tags allow you to connect to a variety of objects with a swipe of your phone. As this is a relatively new technology, older or budget phones may not able to readily access the information stored on NFC tags. The Android, Apple, Windows and Blackberry platforms allows for interaction with NFC Tags. However, some of Apples older phones cannot access NFC and other models require an app. Check our list of NFC-ready devices to see if your phone works with NFC and download the app if required.