Who is Swipe-n-Like for?

Ideal Demographic

Swipe-n-Like is available to anyone although those to take the best advantage would be the small to medium business sectors as the main user base. By placing the Swipe-n-Like Tag in high-traffic areas such as front counters, businesses are able to quickly and easily expose patrons to their social media and invite them to join them online. Ideal demographics would be would be coffee shops, hair dressers, department stores, market stalls etc. In essence, retail outlets with a counter and a high footfall.

Social Media

As a business owner its important to understand your demographic and interact with them in any way you can. By far the cheapest and easiest way to engage with customers these days is through social media. In recent years social media has surpassed many of the traditional forms of advertising. In fact many businesses these days are opting out of having a website altogether and relying solely on their social media for their web presence.

The power of organic interaction

Once an in-store patron joins a business on social media it becomes an invaluable partnership between both parties. The customer can benefit from the interaction as they get ongoing exposure from that business, ensuring they get first-hand information on all the promotions and specials on offer. The business also benefits from the extra exposure. Each person on Facebook has an average of 230 friends, which means the chances of their friends seeing their interaction with the business dramatically increases the client’s target market. The likelihood of an existing patron of that business returning are far greater than someone who has not experienced their products and services. And when the customer sees any offers or promotions on social media they will already have a first-hand experience to associate to that product. In much the same way this interaction will benefit the store as they can use that customer’s experience to invite them back for more of their great offers. Not only will the patron be likely to revisit, but the chances are, they will not come alone. Statistically, customers live in close to the proximity the store, which also means their friends and family may also live close by. This means that if a patron was to post a comment about the store, the chances of the people with exposure to that post reside in the vicinity of the store, meaning they are more likely to visit.

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