How do I place an order?

Simply click on the SHOP button in the menu bar to order your Swipe-n-Like smart tags. You will be required to add your Social media links into the fields provided on the order form. Make sure this information is available to copy and paste when placing your order..

Will my phone work with Swipe-n-Like?

As NFC is an emerging technology, some older phones may not be compatible, however most new smart phones support this platform including Apple and Android operating systems. At present Apple's new iPhone X series (iPhone XR, XS & XS Max) running the new iOS 12 operating system connect seemlessly to NFC, however iPhones 7, 8 and X running the iOS11 operating system require an app to connect with NFC tags. CLICK HERE to scroll through our list of NFC Tag compatible phones or to download the free iPhone app.

Does Swipe-n-Like tags come with a warranty?

Swipe-n-Like tags are durable and long lasting. We offer a 24-month replacement warranty on any smart tag we produce against manufacturer’s faults. Should your smart tag malfunction for any reason, simply return the units with a copy of the order number on your original invoice, and we will replace it free of charge. Send all warranty returns to PO Box, 5088 Cairns, Australia, 4870. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

What should I do if my order hasn't been delivered yet?

Once we receive your order we will dispatch your Swipe-n-Like tags the next business day. This means you should receive them between 3-5 business days after you order is placed. Each order is sent via registered post and can be tracked with the supplied Tracking Number. If your tags do not arrive within this time period, please contact us and we will follow up your order.

Does Swipe-n-Like need batteries?

No, batteries are not required for Swipe-n-Like. It is a passive NFC tag, which means that it activates only when approached by an NFC compatible device. It drawn its energy from the phones electro magnetic field, so there is no additional power required.

How long does Swipe-n-Like last?

Once you receive your Swipe-n-Like with your links pre-programmed on to it, it can be used indefinitely. Because there are no moving parts or wear-and-tear, it’s been estimated by the manufacturers that each NFC tag can be used over 100,000 times. In fact we are so confident Swipe-n-Like is durable enough to withstand the rigors of any small business we guarrantee it for a full 24 months.

Is my Swipe-n-Like tag safe from hacking?

Yes, your tag is completely safe from tampering. Once we program your Swipe-n-Like tag with your designated URLs it is then locked. Once the tag is locked the information on it cannot be altered. We do this for your security and to prevent others from tampering with its coding.

Are personal details on phones safe when using Swipe-n-Like?

Yes, all details are completely save. Swipe-n-Like does not read the information on any phone or device. The NFC capabilities on your phone ONLY access the information on the Swipe-n-Like tag. The smart tags only transmit the information stored on the tag, keeping the information on all phones secure.

How durable is Swipe-n-Like?

Swipe-n-Like is water proof, weather proof, dust proof and shock proof. We are currently testing several units under various conditions to see just how resilient and robust these tags really are. Tune into our Youtube channel on a regular basis for updates on our test results.

Where is the best place to put my Swipe-n-Like?

Place your smart tag in a convenient location that accesses optimum exposure to your customers. High-traffic areas have the greatest exposure, especially at point-of-sale locations where customers can quickly and easily swipe their phone while their payment is being processed. And because Swipe-n-Like is completely portable you can take it with you on the road to markets and trade shows.

Swipe-n-Like isn’t working. Why is this?

Every Swipe-n-Like tag is fully tested before shipping to make sure they are functoning correctly. Although Swipe-n-Like works on nearly all phones there will be occasions where some phones are not able to access Swipe-n-Like. As NFC is a relatively new technology there are a few reasons why this can happen

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