Increase your Facebook likes

Ever wondered how to best maximize your Facebook footprint? As each Facebook user has an average of 130 friends, awareness of your business increases dramatically when just one person likes your Facebook page. Once someone with 130 friends (remember, this is just an average!) likes your page, it will appear in their newsreel, for all their friends to see.

In order to capitalise on that, you need to keep your likers – and their friends – engaged. Once their friend likes or shares your post, it then increases your audience by at least another 130 friends, which can multiply very quickly if your posts are interesting.

To make sure you keep your Facebook fans engaged, we’ve put together a list of easy ways to keep people interested, interactive, liking and sharing your posts.

  • It’s advisable to post 2-3 times a day only. Most surveys suggest the best times to post are between 1-4pm and between 6-8pm when the majority of Facebook users are active. Posting too many times a day can bore your audience and lessen your credibility.
  • Always make your posts light, positive and useful to keep your audience engaged and sharing your posts.
  • Include inspirational and funny quotes and memes. Avoid any political and contentious comments. Good quotes and memes get maximum likes and shares, which makes them a perfect way to increase your Facebook audience.
  • While you’ll want to write about your business, keep your sales pitch down to a minimum. Instead of talking about your business, mention the upcoming sales you may be having, discounts, specials or new products. If a staff member has done something special, be sure to post it as well.
  • Share posts that talk about community events and add complementary comments, such as: “It was fantastic to see so many people turn out for this fundraising community event”.
  • Be sure to check your newsreel as well, and like and share positive things your Facebook fans are posting. This will also keep you in their newsreel, which their friends will see.
  • Add specials for Facebook fans only, such as liking a post to go in the running for a competition or to secure a discount. Be sure to keep your fans updated on the deadline of competitions and let them know who the eventual winner is.

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