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Swipe-n-Like ® 2020 is a subsidiary of Random Press.

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Swipe-n-Like - 5 Pack


Each Swipe-n-Like 5 pack contains

• 5 NFC smart tag programmed alike with a link to your designated Facebook page.

• 5 Counter Boards  (115x158x3mm) made of rigid PVC

  • Product Info

    Swipe-n-Like tags utilise NFC technology that interacts with most smart phones. Once an NFC capable smart phone is brought close to the tag it picks up the information stored on the tag. The Swipe-n-Like tags come pre-programmed with your Facebook page so all you need to do is place them in your store and watch your social reach grow.

  • Return and Refund Policy

    All Swipe-n-Like tags are covered by a 24 month replacement warranty. Should your smart tag malfunction or contain a link other than that specified in your order, simply return the unit with a copy of the order number on your original invoice and we will replace it free of charge. Send all warranty returns to PO Box, 5088 Cairns, Australia, 4870