The power of video

Videos are becoming increasingly popular on Facebook, and every business should take advantage of this dynamic tool to increase their audience reach.

Facebook recently announced that 75% more videos have been posted to Facebook than at the same time last year. With this proliferation of Facebook videos, now is the time for businesses to incorporate them into their marketing strategy.

The good news is you don’t need a video crew or production company to create a video on Facebook. Thanks to a huge variety of automatic video editing tools available online, such as Animoto, Magisto, Nutshell and Videoshop, making a video is easier than ever. Even creating a simple video using your Smartphone will engage more Facebook fans.

Not surprising, inspirational videos get more likes and shares than sales pitches. Keep your videos engaging, entertaining, even humourous. Of course you’ll want to promote your business, and you should. Just don’t make every video a sales pitch or company profile. When you do make videos about your business, entertain your audience with clips like behind-the-scenes views of your business, tips that relate to your field (for example, restaurants share their chef’s top cooking tips) and videos of clients winning one of your competition prizes, to name just a few ideas.

Social media experts agree videos should be short to keep your audience engaged, and recommend keeping them two minutes and under in length. The rule should always be – keep it short and sweet.

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