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Swipe-n-Like ® 2020 is a subsidiary of Random Press.

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What is Swipe-n-Like

What is NFC technology?

NFC is an emerging technology, now commonly used with payWave, which enables communication between devices when they’re within a few centimeters from each other. This contactless communication system enables a user to wave their smartphone over a NFC-compatible device to immediately transmit information without the user having to go through multiple steps to set up a connection.


Swipe-n-Like and NFC compatible phones

Swipe-n-Like smart tags work with all smartphones that have NFC (Near Field Communication) capabilities, including android, windows platform and blackberry operating systems. While Apple’s current operating system (iOS 10) does not support this new technology, its next operating system (iOS 11) will include NFC capabilities. Older and less-expensive phones do not have NFC technology. Click here for a list of the phones that feature this dynamic new technology.


Lifespan and durability of Swipe-n-Like tags

Swipe-n-Like smart tags come with a two-year manufacturer warranty, but we are confident you’ll never need to replace your tags. Not only are they long-lasting, they are also waterproof, dustproof, weather-proof and can be used on and through almost every surface including glass (such as shop front or car windows), cardboard (book covers), plastic and wood. The only surface Swipe-n-Like shouldn’t be used on is a metal surface where the magnetic field can interfere with the NFC chip.


One-off cost only

Once you purchase your Swipe-n-Like smart tags you don’t have any other additional expenses associated with using them. The tags are programmed to take endless swipes and are battery-free, so you never have to worry about replacing them.



Security is our top priority, and our Swipe-n-Like tags have 100% personal security safety. They are programmed for a single transaction only and the program is tamper-proof and protected by its unique digital signature. Like payWave, none of your personal phone details and data are shared or stored. We’re also pleased to guarantee no advertising of any type is included in our smart tags.


Directly links to your Facebook page

Your Swipe-n-Like tags come pre-programmed to your Facebook URL and are locked so no one can change the settings. No longer do you have to ask customers as they leave your store or business to like you on Facebook, they can quickly do it while at your business.